Deripaska predicted the hour of US reckoning for the "sanctions rage"


Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska predicted that US retribution for the “sanctions rage” could come in the next three years. About this he declared in your Telegram channel.

“The hour of reckoning for the sanctions rage is getting closer. There are three, three and a half years left, ”Deripaska made such a statement, commenting on the material of The Financial Times. He also accompanied the message with information that two-year US Treasury bills rose by 5.12%.

In the FT article saidthat due to data on employment in the US, bond yields are growing and against this background there is a massive outflow of investors from US stocks. It is noted that since 2007, the yield on two-year Treasury bonds rose to its highest level, exceeding the threshold of 5%. At the same time, the benchmark ten-year bond yield rose to its highest level since March and reached the 4% threshold. The material also says that this may be a signal for the Fed to raise the rate in July and increase inflation.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell at the end of June declaredthat there is a risk of a recession in the US economy, but such a scenario is less likely. According to him, current indicators show a “soft landing” of the US economy.

A number of leading Wall Street analysts have warned of an impending recession and a potential fall in the stock market in the coming months. According to analysts at The Wall Street Journal, a recession in the US will come with a 44% chance.

On June 14, the Fed kept the base rate at the level of 5-5.25% per annum. The regulator noted the growth of economic activity at a “moderate pace”. Unemployment remains low, while inflation is still elevated.

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