China launches Qiankun-1 and Taian satellites into orbit


The Chinese space company Galactic Energy has launched two satellites, Qiankun-1 and Taian, using a Ceres-1 carrier rocket. The launch was carried out from the country’s largest cosmodrome Jiuquan in the Badyn Jaran desert. The company announced this on its WeChat page.

The launch of the commercial launch vehicle was the sixth in the Lemon Tree mission. It is noted that the remote sensing satellites Qiankun-1 and Taian will be used to create an aerospace platform.

For all the time with the help of Ceres-1, 21 satellites were launched by 12 commercial organizations. The launch vehicle can reach 19 m in length and is capable of launching a payload weighing up to 400 kg into Earth’s orbit. Galactic Energy successfully completed its first launch with Ceres-1 in November 2020, making it the second private company in China to successfully place a satellite into orbit after i-Space. The company has existed since 2018 and has been developing Pallas-1 and Pallas-2 orbital rockets, as well as developing the extraction of rare metals and minerals on asteroids.

Polina Motyzlevskaya

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