China doubled purchases of pipeline gas from Russia in seven years – Kommersant


In January-July, the cost of Russian pipeline gas supplies to China almost doubled in annual terms, to $3.94 billion (from $1.98 billion). This was announced by the General Administration of Customs of China, the message leads TASS. The department did not specify the physical volume of gas supplies.

In terms of pipeline gas supplies to China, Turkmenistan still remains in first place – the country supplied $5.85 billion worth of energy in seven months, which is 10% more than in the previous similar period. Russia is in second place, Myanmar is in third ($861.81 million, +17.6%). Kazakhstan is in fourth place – supplies from there fell by 5.4%, to $614.32 million, Uzbekistan is in fifth place with a drop in supplies by 41.6%, to $295.3 million.

According to the results of July, deliveries of Russian pipeline gas to China in monetary terms fell by 3.1%, to $555.57 million.

By the end of 2023, Chinese regulators are counting on a recovery in gas demand, which last year fell for the first time in a decade due to covid restrictions. Consumption in the country by the end of 2023 may grow by 7%, up to 390 billion cubic meters. China will ensure demand growth by increasing domestic production and increasing pipeline gas supplies from the Russian Federation.

More details – in the material “Kommersant” “Liquefied gas took a technological break”.

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