Cardiologists have found that wrinkled people are more prone to heart attacks


The results of the study proved the dependence of the appearance of wrinkles and the impending heart attack

European cardiologists summed up the results of a 20-year study. They proved a direct relationship between the appearance of a large number of wrinkles on the face and a heart attack. The experiment involved 3200 people aged 32 to 62 years.

To begin with, all participants in the experiment were assigned points depending on the number of wrinkles on the forehead. From 0 (not at all) to 3 (very much). During the 20 years of the experiment, 233 people died. Not all of them died from cardiovascular diseases, but nevertheless, the result of the study allowed us to draw conclusions.

So people who had many, many wrinkles on their foreheads died from cardiovascular diseases 10 times more often than those who did not have wrinkles at all. It is emphasized that this did not depend on age, gender, education, smoking, blood pressure and concomitant diseases.

Experts have suggested that this may be due to oxidative stress. It affects both skin aging and the development of atherosclerosis. Perhaps the appearance of wrinkles is just an early sign of vascular aging.

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