“Brains are boiling”: eyewitnesses spoke about a giant traffic jam near the Crimean bridge


We learned how the mood of those stubbornly striving for their native Riviera after a day of standing in the heat.

Cars on the outskirts of the Crimean bridge from the Krasnodar Territory began to accumulate even at dawn on Saturday, and as of 9 am it was already a thorough multi-kilometer traffic jam. By the second half of the first weekend, the situation not only did not improve, but worsened. By 6 a.m. on Sunday, July 2, the traffic jam “dissolved” from 8 km to 3.5 km, but by 7 a.m. it began to grow again and in just an hour it was 6.5 km.

– We left at 6 am on Friday, June 30, – says Sergey from Moscow, who was on his way to Sudak with his wife and 10-year-old daughter, but ended up in the Temryuk region. – Judging by the number of passing cars, many from the capital region did the same. At about 6 am on Saturday, we drove up to Taman and got up. At first they thought that it was a question of an hour or two, they wrote in chats that this was due to the fact that they were carefully examined, and there were only two posts. But soon it got hot, and we didn’t move at all. They stood for 5 hours: you turn on the air conditioner, then you cut it down so that you don’t gobble up all the gasoline. The toilet is only in the steppe, there is no water, as a result, the daughter became ill, and the wife insisted that they turn around. Now here in the village of Golubitskaya. We are losing the paid housing near Sudak, in the village we are paying for a new one, but until it resolves, we will not go to the bridge again. It’s very painful.

By Sunday afternoon, the traffic jam in front of the bridge, which became a trap for hundreds of cars with prisoners who dreamed of getting to the sea, was 8 km. Biotoilets have already been installed nearby. The emergency rescue team of the Temryuk District is working, distributing free water and providing first aid to those in need.

“For many, the engines boil, and the brains in general boil for everyone,” auto travelers report from the very “heart” of the Crimean traffic jam. – Here, among the people, our cork has already been nicknamed the “Kerch trap” – in honor of the Kapkany beach in Kerch. Although from the direction of Kerch, the flow just normally goes here. Since an inspection is necessary, it means that with such a flow of people conducting it with equipment and places for cars, there should be more than several times, but dozens of times! And the question, in addition to how to get out of here, is still tormenting us: the terrorist attack on the bridge was in October 2022, since then cars have been carefully inspected. It was hard to figure out that in the current situation with resorts and airports, by the summer, the bridge would need not 2 inspection points, but at least 22?!

“Or maybe it’s easier to turn around, spitting on the Crimean holiday?” – Another unanswered question on the outskirts of the peninsula. But the official authorities do not give any intelligible information on the approximate time for passing the inspection by the accumulated cars, they only urge those who have not yet left for Crimea, “when planning a trip, take into account the traffic situation and allow time for passing the necessary checks.”

Yes, I would have canceled this trip! – admits a Muscovite whose departure with her family to the Crimea by car is scheduled for Monday. – But we have paid for an expensive hotel in Yalta, the children are already tuned in to the entertainment promised to them. But are they worth it to torture two preschoolers in such a gas chamber?! But you can no longer get tickets for a plane with a train, and the bus will get into the same traffic jam!

– Not only the number of posts has not been increased, – motorists from the epicenter of the Crimean traffic jam are broadcasting, – but roadworks have also been started! How on purpose! An ambulance has already come to someone, they are walking along the roadsides with children, and what to do, you can suffocate in the cabin. There is a dead end here: if the engine is driven for the sake of air conditioning, then it will boil. And without air conditioning in an overheated cabin, heat stroke is guaranteed.

– Our people are usually so resourceful! Has anyone figured out how to get around?

– Why, they figured it out. Even one passenger bus could not stand it and rushed along the side of the road, followed, as usual, by a few more smart people. So they were immediately accepted by the traffic police. They cannot inspect out of turn, but they can fine you!

– Don’t you regret it? – I’m interested in a couple who nevertheless broke through to the Crimea, having lost a whole day on an exhausting sitting in the “Kerch trap”.

– No, with all the ordeals we endured, we still continued to want the Crimean nature and wine!

Auto mechanics recommend that those who do not yet see a way out of the car lock, turn on the air conditioner no more than every hour for 10 minutes, otherwise the engine will overheat. And doctors advise every 5 minutes to take a big sip of water and a deep breath, as well as get out of the car more often and walk in the air in a hat.

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