Borisov told when the ISS will cease to exist in its current form


Borisov: ISS will cease to exist in its current form after 2030

The International Space Station (ISS) in its current form will cease to exist after 2030. The head of Roskosmos, Yuri Borisov, informed Russian President Vladimir Putin about the plans.

According to the decision of the government, as the head of Roscosmos noted, the activities of the ISS, the Russian segment, have been extended until 2028. “After 2030, the station, most likely, will cease to exist in the form it is now,” Borisov stated with regret. “Either it will be managedly flooded, or it will be reoriented for other purposes.”

Also, as the head of the corporation told Putin, work is underway on the development of the Russian orbital station.

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