BMW and Audi follow Mercedes to restrict access to their software for the Russian Federation – Kommersant


German automakers BMW and Audi have limited access to their software for Russian dealers, found out “News”. Similar measures before accepted Mercedes-Benz.

Information about the disconnection from BMW software was confirmed by the largest Russian dealer center of this brand, BorisHof. Because of this, it is impossible to make a duplicate of the keys, “there are other difficulties.” A maintenance worker told the newspaper that it is currently unknown if dealers will be able to diagnose. The Avtodom dealership said that access to BMW online services is provided through “additional backup channels.”

In one of the Audi dealerships, Izvestia was told on condition of anonymity that access to the software has been limited for two months. This led to problems with programming duplicate keys, as well as installing parts “where programming is required – control units, gearbox, parking sensors and so on.”

More about the problem – in the material “Kommersant FM” – “Mercedes-Benz turned off the software”.

Leonid Uvarchev

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