Before the anniversary of Dmitry Pevtsov, his wife Olga Drozdova spoke about his rampage


Anna Yakunina, actress of the Lenkom Theater:

– Well, what can I say about Dmitry? Everyone says – beautiful, good. But I think that he is different, and what he, by and large, knows only his wife. And here is a colossal admiration from all the Lenkom women, because to love your wife the way Dima loves, this can only be envied. It is an amazing quality to idolize your spouse, this is the envy of many of us.

But this attitude towards the artists and his partners on stage is reflected: he treats them incredibly tenderly and touchingly. I know that he can come to the girls for a performance and congratulate each one, show great male attention. In this sense, Dima is a boyfriend, and all the artists on the stage feel like such girl-girls. He knows how to do it, he loves it. And everyone who starred with him later often told me: “What a cool Singer you have!”

In the play “All Paid”. Photo: Alexander Sternin

As for the character of Dima, he is quite secretive, such a man of mystery. The soul is not wide open, which, I think, is right for our profession. As a partner, Dima is an improviser. While playing, you can do anything with him, knowing that Dimka will pick up and there will be no problems. Now we are playing the play “Everything is Paid” with him – this is absolute calmness on stage. Because I myself am an improviser, and Dima is an improviser, which means that we catch each other. In general, everyone loves when he plays – the performance is easy and comfortable.

For several years we played with him in The Marriage of Figaro: I was Marceline, his mother, although younger. And when I confessed that I was his mother, took off the veil, he said: “Mom, mom, I’m scared, this is incest.” And you should have seen his face.

– As far as I understand, you would go with him to reconnaissance?

– Yes, I would go. No wonder he became our deputy. He categorically goes to his goal and he is definitely interested in what he is doing now. When he first became a deputy, I asked him: “Dimka, how is this possible? After all, this is a completely different life, a different structure, a different brain. Aren’t you afraid that you will become a completely different person? “I understand what you are talking about,” he said. “I’ll try not to be different.” It is difficult to be an artist and a deputy at the same time, I would never be able to. But he did.

Olesya Zheleznyak, actress of the Lenkom Theater:

– I have not yet had a common performance with Dmitry Pevtsov. I know that he is a wonderful artist, but I was recently blown away by him after watching the movie “Man of God”. He did not play there, but only voiced one of the characters – Saint Nectarios (his role was played by the Greek artist Aris Servetalis. – M.R.). But I was so amazed at how he voiced: at some point I caught myself hearing not only his voice, but I saw on the screen – Pevtsov was playing. It was a moment, but I believed him.

And I also want to say that I was always amazed at how Dima gives the impression of a person who is self-confident. He says: “There are many singers, but there is only one singer.” You can’t argue with that.

And yet the first and last word remains with the wife. Says the wife of the hero of the day, the beauty of the national theater and cinema Olga Drozdova.

– Is it easy to be Pevtsov’s wife? Is it nice to be Pevtsov’s wife? Is it cool to be Pevtsov’s wife?

Well, let me tell you, he was lucky. That’s for sure.

– Three facts that are important to know about Dmitry Pevtsov, which explain a lot about him.

– First fact: he is an amazing representative of the Jewish nation, born in Russia. Secondly, he comes from an amazingly educated and strong family. His parents were surprisingly strong personalities.

“Were you well received by his family?”

– Very. Dima’s dad used to say all the time (just like Kulygin Masha in Three Sisters): “If it weren’t for you, Dima, I would have married Olya.” It was his favorite phrase. And Dima’s mother… I have three mothers in my life – my mother, then Galina Borisovna Volchek and, finally, Noeli Semyonovna, Dima’s mother. And the third factor, professional: Dima as an actor is determined by his teachers.

– What role did the actor Pevtsov strike you with?

– I think that this is a role in Gleb Panfilov’s film “Mother”, where he played a non-main role – Yakov Somov. By nature, he is generally a Panfilov actor. Just like Zakharovsky. What struck me? Fury. I was even afraid to get to know him, it alarmed me, frightened me, because I am afraid of fanatical people. Then I connected Pevtsov with his character. There were few such frantic even in that generation of male actors, they began to blur in gender. And here is such a male base …

Now, probably, this comes through in him as a deputy, he is a person who believes in the idea. Or maybe it was all there in the first place. But this, again, is the upbringing of Dima’s parents – they are also like that.

– Is Dima also frantic in life?

“Perhaps, now I’m starting to be convinced that this is in him, now it doesn’t scare me, but rather, it pleases me that in his youth he was not a revolutionary, but with age he became a conservative. But the fury remained, and so did the conservatism.

– Do you know that all the actresses of the Lenkom Theater are terribly jealous of you: they don’t know a better husband than Pevtsov?

– They are absolutely right. And I envy myself with terrible force.

– Then explain what the “best husband” in the world consists of? Brings coffee to bed? Doesn’t let you move your finger? Any desire reads in your eyes and looks into them like a devoted dog?

Oh no, I can’t stand this. Dima allows me to be myself. A rare man will allow a woman to remain herself. I do not consider the entire gentleman’s set that you have listed to be any special advantage – it is present, of course.

– That is, coffee in bed after all – right?

Of course, yes, but I get up earlier. And then, what man can foresee the desire of a woman?

— Do you quarrel?

– No, most likely.

– Are you paired swans who cannot live without each other, can not stand a short separation?

– No no. We can be far away from each other for a long time. I anyway.

– How much has the artist Pevtsov changed when he became a people’s choice?

– Did not change. It’s just that, probably, what was in it has found application, especially since the path it is taking is non-political. As a deputy, he is busy with other things in the district – mainly forests, parks, playgrounds. He was not elected from any party, he is a self-nominated candidate.

– Is it customary in your family to interfere in each other’s affairs, to help with roles, to give advice?

– Of course, how else? When Dima was rehearsing Figaro, I helped him think of a hairstyle. We, as normal, at home only talk about work. Not a single script has passed me by yet. And so from the costumes and appearance to the drawing of the role – all together.

How is your son Elisha doing?

– Eliseyka graduated with honors from the 9th grade and now, as expected, is preparing for her father’s birthday. He will sing with dad, and I am preparing a skit.

– You claim that Dmitry Anatolyevich Pevtsov was very lucky with his wife. And are you lucky?

– Very. When I gave birth to Elisha, I realized that I was not mistaken.

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