Became known the salaries of the players of the Omsk HC Avangard in the new season


The difference in payments is significant: someone will receive almost 100 million rubles, and someone will receive only three.

Omsk Avangard hockey players in the new KHL season will receive a total salary of 682 million rubles, excluding bonuses, which can also be decent. It is reported by “Sport-Express”.

Most of all in the 2023/2024 season, Canadian strikers Reed Boucher and Corban Knight will earn 95 million rubles for each legionnaire.

Last season, their fee was more modest, 60 and 90 million, respectively. By the way, the link in which Bush and Knight played became the most productive in the last season of the KHL – 59 goals in 69 games.

Avangard defender Damir Sharipzyanov, with 56 million, closes the top three highest paid club players.

Fourth place belongs to the Czech Libor Szulak (55 million rubles), and the fifth place belongs to striker Igor Geraskin (50 million rubles).

The least for the season will be goalkeeper Yevgeny Orlov, who will be content with a modest 3 million.

Earlier we reported that the general director of the Omsk HC Avangard Sergei Belykh went to the Moscow FC Spartak.

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