Beaten journalist in Chechnya fainted


Beaten journalist Yelena Milashina fainted in hospital in Chechnya

Journalist Yelena Milashina fainted in a Beslan hospital. She was brought there together with her lawyer Alexander Nemov after being severely beaten in Chechnya. Baza reports.

On the footage, the girl is walking down the corridor and suddenly falls, losing consciousness. Ombudsman of the Chechen Republic Mansur Sultaev is trying to catch her.

On the way from Grozny airport, unidentified people poured green paint on the damaged one. Her fingers are broken and her head is shaved. Wanted criminals.

Earlier it became known about the brutal beating of journalist Elena Milashina and lawyer Alexander Nemov. It is reported that a group of masked men occupied their car on the way from the airport. Milashina and Nemov were going to cover the court session in the case of Zarema Musayeva.

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