“Beasts” concert at SPIEF canceled after comments about NWO


The group “Zveri” will not perform at SPIEF because of the soloist’s statements about Ukraine

The traditional open concert on the Palace Square in St. Petersburg will take place without the participation of the previously announced group “Beasts”. Fontanka drew attention to this. The participation of the “Beasts” was announced on May 30 at Roscongress. However, now the organizers of the concert told the journalists that “Chizh and So” and “Django” with Alexei Poddubny will perform instead of them.

Edition notesthat earlier the dean of the faculty of media communications of the Moscow State Institute of Culture, Yuri Kot, in the past – the press secretary of the World Russian People’s Cathedral, was indignant at the announcement of the performance of the “Beasts”. He wrote on his blog that the band’s lead singer Roma Zver (Roman Bilyk) “publicly condemned” the Russian special operation in Ukraine.

“Bilyk has a rich biography of a real representative of the fifth column,” Fontanka quotes Kot.

He also stated that “all caring citizens of our country” believe that all musicians who “condemned the special operation and have never performed in front of Russian military personnel” should “prohibit concert activities in Russia.”

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