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The usual state of emergency of the late USSR: a young ballerina, on whom the KGB sharpens its teeth, does not return home from an American tour. She will return to Moscow only 40 years later, but in a different status. Now her name is Ruta Myers (in this role – Alla Sigalova, one of the main Russian choreographers), she is a US citizen, and also a world star of modern dance.

The new director of the leading Moscow theater Korneev (another official in the collection of Fyodor Bondarchuk – after the series “Year of Culture” and the film “Two Days”), in a Mephistopheles way, chose the right moment to offer the overseas diva a production on his native stage – Myers is experiencing a creative crisis and is looking for inspiration. An experienced courtier immediately picked up the right words. For 40 years, tempts Korneev, a lot has changed – the approach, the people, the country. Myers didn’t believe it. But I decided to check just in case.

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