Attendance at the Army-2023 forum has almost halved compared to 2022


The international military-technical forum “Army-2023” has completed its work. From 14 to 20 August, the event was attended by 1 million 93 thousand 285 people. 83 foreign states took part in the forum, press office Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. In 2022, the forum was attended by 1,903,536 people.

During the seven days of the forum, 29 meetings were held with foreign states. Among the countries that took part are Belarus, Vietnam, India, Iran, China and Pakistan. All of them presented national expositions at the exhibition of military equipment.

As part of the forum, the Ministry of Defense signed contracts with enterprises of the military-industrial complex in the amount of 400 billion rubles. In total, 11 contracts were signed, and 9 government contracts were awarded. Their implementation will give the Russian army more than 2.5 thousand new types of weapons, special equipment and more than 1.8 million units of weapons.

The forum was held at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center, as well as at the facilities of the Central Military Patriotic Park of Culture and Recreation of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, at the Alabino training ground and the Kubinka airfield.

In particular, an exhibition of weapons of the Russian army was held in Patriot Park. It presented new developments for the Russian army, captured military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as a mobile field temple intended for military clergy in the combat zone.

Polina Motyzlevskaya

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