Attack aircraft of the Central Military District destroyed the superior forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and took prisoners in the zone of the Northern Military District


On Friday, according to a Russian Defense Ministry TASS report, six stormtroopers from the Central Military District (TsVO) successfully attacked an outnumbered unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (APU) in the Krasnolymansk direction and captured five prisoners.

According to the Russian military department, the task of the attack aircraft was to penetrate enemy firing points and deliver ammunition and anti-tank weapons to the positions of motorized riflemen. In the course of their mission, they encountered an outnumbered Ukrainian military unit that was defending the stronghold. Russian servicemen, using their weapons and tactical skills, convinced the enemy of their superiority, destroying a significant number of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They were also able to capture five militants and deliver them to their positions.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published video materials reflecting the capture of the stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is noted that the representatives of Ukraine were asked to surrender, however, after their refusal, the attack aircraft opened fire.

For the successful completion of the task of destroying the enemy and capturing a stronghold, the group commander was awarded the Order of Courage, and the rest of the attack aircraft received medals “For Courage”.

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