Associate Professor of Moscow State University Lobanov said about the university’s attempts to “urgently” dismiss him because of the status of a foreign agent


Associate Professor of Moscow State University Mikhail Lobanov, recognized in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent, announced attempts by the university management to fire him. According to Mr. Lobanov, on Wednesday, July 5, he was “handed over the personal request of the rector (Viktor Sadovnichy) to leave of his own accord.” This is due to the status of a foreign agent, the associate professor wrote.

Mr. Lobanov in his Telegram channel allegedly cites the words of Mr. Sadovnichy, who announced the ultimatum presented to MSU: “Either immediately dismiss Lobanov, or MSU will suffer.” Assistant professor was introduced on the list of foreign agents on 23 June. According to him, he refused the request to leave “of his own free will”.

According to him, the assignment of the status of a foreign agent implies a ban on teaching, but does not mean dismissal: the employer simply has to offer other positions not related to teaching. He noted that it was impossible to legally dismiss him until the end of August. Why the time frame is like that, he did not elaborate.

In 2022, Russia adopted law “On control over the activities of persons under foreign influence”, according to which foreign agents cannot engage in teaching, educational and educational activities.

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