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The Lumiere Gallery, together with the development company MR Group, presents the exhibition “Life is like a movie”, which will be open at the gallery on Bolshaya Polyanka from June 9 to September 3. The exposition is dedicated to the history and aesthetics of the Art Deco movement and includes more than 30 author’s photographic prints from the collection of the gallery and private collections.

The Art Deco style, which flourished in the twenties and thirties, had a significant impact on the decorative arts, including architecture. The world-famous New York skyscrapers Empire State Building and Chrysler Building, as well as other buildings of this style, are reflected in the photographs of American photographers Sheila Metzner, Harold Feinstein and Elliot Erwitt. The genre of fashion photography is represented by the legendary work of Horst P. Horst “Mainbocher corset. Paris”, as well as shots by William Klein and Melvin Sokolsky. The cinematic section consists of a series of reportage footage from the filming of The Godfather, vintage hand-printed photographs from the filming of Gone with the Wind and The Great Dictator, and portraits of actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood. After the exhibition is over, a number of exhibits will be placed in the lobby of the Paveletskaya City residential complex.

Elizabeth Fedutinova

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