ARD: German intelligence listened in on the negotiations between Prigozhin and Lukashenka


German broadcasters WDR and NDR, part of the ARD media group, have established in the course of a journalistic investigation that the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) wiretapped Yevgeny Prigozhin’s conversations with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko during an attempted rebellion in Russia.

Earlier, the publication Spiegel reported on the check in connection with the ignorance of the BND about the attempted rebellion. However, now, as WDR and NDR have established, it turns out that intelligence was not only informed about events in Russia, but also followed the negotiations between Prigozhin and Lukashenka.

In particular, German journalists claim that the BND has directly learned about Lukashenka’s mediating role. At the same time, a week before the events, German intelligence received information that they could happen, but could not verify and confirm this information. The BND made a report to the government only on the evening of June 23, just before the start of the rebellion.

The intelligence service itself declined to comment on these data.

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