Anton Zatsepin brought his grown daughter from his second marriage and third wife to the club


“We do not divide children into our own and others”

A graduate of the “Star Factory” Anton Zatsepin appeared at the celebration of Cheburashka’s birthday, which takes place in one of the karaoke clubs in Moscow. It is noteworthy that he appeared not alone, but with his wife Elena Verbitskaya, whom he officially married three years ago.

And in May, this couple celebrated the 7th anniversary of their relationship. At the same time, Elena took her husband’s surname quite recently. For many present, it was a surprise to see another member of this family. Anton took with him his 14-year-old daughter Alexandra-Marta from a previous marriage to Ekaterina Shmyrina. At the same time, Zatsepin’s wife called the child a daughter.

“We do not divide children into our own and others,” Elena admitted to “MK”.

The girl was one of the most active at this holiday and danced with pleasure to the songs of Cheburashka along with her star dad.

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