Ani Lorak’s concert canceled in Turkey due to ‘role in SVO’


Ukrainian diplomats announced the cancellation of the concert of Ani Lorak in Turkey

Consul of Ukraine in Antalya Alexander Voronin said that he, together with his colleagues, managed to achieve the cancellation of the performance in Turkey by Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who has been actively working in Russia since 2014.

On the social network, the consul said that the cancellation of the concert was achieved through the joint efforts of the Ukrainian Embassy in Ankara and the Antalya Consulate. According to him, the decision was made after studying the “role of the personality of the artist” in the NWO.

At the beginning of 2023 Lorak spoke for the first time about the situation around his native country against the backdrop of the threat of canceling the concert in Krasnodar. Then she said that she loves Ukraine, but moved to the Russian Federation because of the political situation in her homeland. She also complained that the media spread fakes about her, assured that she “never provided military assistance” to anyone, but at the same time does not support “any form of violence.” The singer’s Krasnodar concert was nevertheless canceled, and the Shot telegram channel claimed that the prosecutor’s office received a statement from some public figures demanding to recognize Lorak foreign agent.

Lorak or her representatives have not yet commented on reports about the cancellation of the concert in Turkey.

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