All-Russian darts competition “Transbaikal Arrows” started in Chita


All-Russian darts competition “Transbaikal arrows” began in Chita. Denis Savin, Vice-President of the Darts Federation of the Trans-Baikal Territory, spoke about the number of participants and the program of the MK in Chita competition.

“”Transbaikal arrows” – the most eastern competitions of our vast Motherland. At the warm-up tournament on July 14, there were 62 participants. Today, July 15, I think there will be more than 80. Athletes from seven regions, including the Trans-Baikal Territory, are participating,” the source said.

Competitions are held in singles and doubles, as well as between mixed teams – two men and one woman. Random couples also competed. On July 16, the Bystrinsky GOK Sponsor Cup will be held.

Earlier, MK in Chita reported that the Chita Go Ride team won eight medals at the XVI Baikal cycling marathon.

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