Alexander Domogarov spoke about the fate of his son: “I watch, I worry”


During a press conference dedicated to the 60th anniversary, actor Alexander Domogarov was asked if he was following the creative progress of his son, who was already taking his first steps in the profession. Director Alexander Domogarov Jr. made the film “Palm”, for which he even received the Grand Prix of the festival in 2021. Without five minutes, the hero of the day answered reporters that he was not indifferent to the fate of his son.

“Of course, I watch and worry. He aims at serious literature, dramaturgy. Well … how I worry … He is an adult guy, sometimes he gives me advice. Whether I listen to them or not is another matter. We are in completely different professions. In some way, he does not understand me, or I him.

He: “You’re talking from the point of view of an artist – I’m not interested.” And I answer him the same way.

He did a very good job, but it’s easy to take off – it’s hard to hold on. I’ve said it a thousand times already. It’s good if he survives and can go through fire, water and copper pipes, like his dad. If he limps, I’ll offer my hand. I tell him: “You are already an adult, but I can help.” Family is always expensive, these are our Domogarov relations. The Domogarov family is big,” summed up Alexander.

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