After the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge, tourists did not leave their intention to go to the peninsula


“Definitely in the Crimea!”. “We’re going, we don’t even plan to change.”

“We live on the Volga. In the summer I want to go to the sea. “If they bomb again, they will avenge us,” well, as if it were easier for those who fell under the batch.

“But we live in the Belgorod region, we don’t need anything here or there,” by the way, the family that died on the bridge was also from Belgorod, sometimes a shell falls and goes out into one funnel.

“I think that many people are afraid and will not go, so prices will go down, and it can come out much cheaper. I’m looking forward to saving.”

By the way, if anyone hopes, there will be no discounts. We are waiting! After the incident, we called several hotels and everywhere they said that they were waiting for us. The hotel is not idle. Yes, there are places, however, even at the peak of the season (after all, the tourist flow has become less), the maximum sale that can be made if we arrive tomorrow or the day after tomorrow: 5-10%. Prices from 10,000 per day standard for a family with a child. No food.

– Do you have insurance against force majeure? Are you suddenly closed?

“Who will be closed – our hotel?” – the girl at the reception was already frightened. Don’t joke like that, – the young lady chirped again. – The ferry crossing started after today. The trains kept running and running. Too bad the planes don’t fly. But we promise a boat trip.

– Aren’t you scared there? Suddenly what?!

– Yes, what bad can happen? We always live here, and nothing.

Here is another more detailed comment: “Simple probability theory, cho. I have a friend who just arrived in the Crimea yesterday at 23-00 (although I told her that, they say, think well, you are driving a car with a child, you never know).

But she said this: “What is the probability that Hymars will fly into my car or nearby for a few lam dollars?”. And she went. And got there. The sea is cool, the wine is delicious, life is beautiful. She has two more weeks to rest there, she says, if something is not resolved during this time, she will explode back through Mariupol.

Another friend of mine was returning home from the Crimea exactly on June 24th. The roads were blocked, you know, a rebellion, but they somehow agreed with the traffic cops and with a breeze drove to Kaluga almost alone along the highway. Fortunately, it was in the evening, and the “Wagnerites” were already returning back along the oncoming lane. But when they were going, nothing was known yet.

“In general, they came from the beach at lunch – and this is happening here. Thought to postpone the return, but decided to take a chance. They were only afraid that they would not let them through the bridge. No, it wasn’t scary, but adventure!”

Here. Another proverb. All’s well that ends well (and what ends well, then how?).

“I don’t read the news at all so as not to get upset,” writes another young mother. – You know, it helps a lot. It’s easier and calmer for me, for example, everyone was nervous about something at breakfast this morning, and I went to the beach and only learned about the Crimean bridge at lunchtime.

If you turn on common sense, then it is clear that it is necessary here and now to officially ban travel to the peninsula due to a real danger to people and quickly organize and redirect the flow of tourists to other, no less wonderful and safe resort places. If the Russians themselves do not understand this, then to act contrary to our wishes, in the end to ban everything in a row, deputies are no strangers, but here we are talking about human lives and public funds. In which case, everyone will have to be returned at public expense.

And, preferably, to ban it officially, because unofficially they will break through anyway. But for some reason officials do not think about it.

Moreover, such a decision requires further measures, including economic ones; Crimea exists mainly due to tourism. The inhabitants of the peninsula must be fed in the winter if they cannot feed themselves in the summer.

Reasonable people, of course, are able to make their own decisions and not take risks.

“If something happens, they will also pay compensation,” another Crimean holiday-maker wrote dreamily.

And here is how the specialist explained this behavior of the Russians.

Elena Aslamova, clinical psychologist and forensic expert: “The position of our compatriots, unfortunately, is sometimes childish and infantile. They are like little children who are not responsible for what happens, cannot control the world around them and therefore are left to chance. It’s not just now. This also manifests itself in everyday life. Irresponsibility leads to the fact that people endanger themselves and take someone else’s ready-made decisions in order not to be responsible for their own.

In fact, many of the problems that we are now facing are from this. Getting into difficult situations, everyone is waiting to be rescued by kind rescuers at someone else’s expense.

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