After the launch of Threads, Musk declared the inadmissibility of fraud


Twitter owner Elon Musk said that fraud is unacceptable in business. He wrote about this in a commentary on the news about Twitter’s intentions after the launch of the Threads platform to sue the Meta company (recognized as extremist in Russia and banned).

“Competition is good, cheating is not,” Musk tweeted.

On July 6, media outlets reported that Twitter lawyer Alex Spiro sent a letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg accusing the company of “systematic, willful, and misappropriation of Twitter’s trade secrets and other intellectual property.” How clarifies Semafor, in a letter, the lawyer demanded to stop using “any trade secrets” of Twitter and threatened that he intends to seek legal protection and an injunction to prevent further disclosure and use of the company’s intellectual property. At the same time, Spiro points out that the Meta employs dozens of former Twitter employees who had access to trade secrets.

Andy Stone, director of communications at Meta, told Semafor that Twitter’s accusations are groundless, as there are no former Musk employees on the Threads development team.

The Threads Meta service launched on the night of July 6th. You can enter the social network through Instagram (owned by Meta, blocked in Russia). From the description of Threads, it follows that the service is designed for text messaging. Externally, the service is similar to Twitter. According to Zuckerberg, the app has already been downloaded more than 30 million times.

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