Actor Dmitry Pevtsov explained the departure of his wife from Sovremennik


Actor Pevtsov said that his wife Drozdova was “not needed” in Sovremennik

People’s Artist of Russia, State Duma Deputy Dmitry Pevtsov for the first time announced the reason for the departure of actress Olga Drozdova, his wife, from the Sovremennik Theater, informs

The artist said that during his work as a deputy he was offered 4 times to head the theaters, but he did not agree. Pevtsov explained:

“I can’t come, taking someone’s place and destroying someone’s destiny.”

He also said, “I can’t go where I’m not invited.”

He also expressed the opinion that you need to come where a person is needed, and leave where he is not needed.

“And that’s why I’m not in Lenkom,” he said. – And so my wife left Sovremennik.

Earlier, Pevtsov said that he abandoned the profitable project because of director Konstantin Bogomolov.

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