A new sports and recreation complex will appear in Voronezh on Pobedy Boulevard


At the weekly meeting at the mayor’s office on Monday, July 10, the issue of the appearance of a sports and recreation complex in Voronezh was discussed. The new FLC, as reported in the press service of the mayor’s office the day before, should appear in the Soviet district of the city on the basis of school No. 4, located on Pioneer Boulevard.

The mayor of Voronezh, Vadim Kstenin, asked Dmitry Gladkikh, the acting vice-mayor for urban development, to prepare as soon as possible for the construction of the center to begin. There was a view of the organization of tenders for this object. They will look for one contractor who will do everything, as they say, on a turnkey basis – design, build and deal with internal equipment. However, before announcing the auction, it is still necessary to prepare all the necessary documentation and resolve land issues.

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