A new SAMBO sports section will open in Serpukhov


The agreement on the development of sambo, the national sport, was signed by the head of Serpukhov, Sergei Nikitenko, and the president of the Sambo Federation of the Moscow Region, Sergei Fomkin.

However, this cooperation is not limited only to the development of sports, but is aimed at spreading sambo among the general population and including its elements in physical education lessons.

Photo by the press service of the city administration Serpukhov
Photo by the press service of the city administration Serpukhov

Particular attention within the framework of this cooperation will be paid to the involvement of children in SAMBO. After all, this sport not only develops their physical strength and agility, but also helps to form character, teaches them to overcome difficulties and achieve their goals. Children also learn to work in a team and develop such important qualities as discipline and respect for the opponent.

Sambo is becoming accessible to everyone, and its popularity is only growing. With the support of the Federation, the second section will be opened at the Dashkovskaya school, which is another example of the successful implementation of the ZaSambo project of the United Russia party.

School No. 18 is also an example of the successful implementation of the ZaSambo project.

Here, athletes not only achieve impressive results at competitions of various levels, but also practice truly professionally. They receive high-quality sports training and direct support from the Federation. Thus, School No. 18 becomes a center of attraction for young athletes who want to practice SAMBO and achieve high results.

With the support of Dmitry Abarenov, Minister of Sports of the Moscow Region, and Umar Kremlev, President of the International Boxing Association, the first beach sambo tournament will be held. This event highlights the growing popularity of sambo

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