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60 residential buildings over 100 meters high (from 30 to 85 floors) are currently being built in Moscow. In the first place among Moscow new buildings is the Dom Dau residential complex with a height of 340 m and 85 floors. This was reported RBC with reference to a study by Metrium analysts.

In second place is the Upside Towers complex with a height of 265 m (58 floors), in the third place is the Residential Complex “Level Yuzhnoportovaya” with a height of 225 m (69 floors), in the fourth place – Famous (58 floors), Mod (55 floors) and “Level Michurinsky” (54 floors) with a height of 54 floors (all 200 m), on the fifth – the Will Towers complex with a height of 199 m (56 floors).

Most high-rise residential buildings are being built in the Western Administrative District (ZAO) – 13 such buildings are being built there. In the North-Western Administrative District (SVAO) – 11 buildings, in the Northern Administrative District (SAO), the North-Western Administrative District (SZAO) and the Southern Administrative District (SAD) – seven buildings each, in the South-Eastern Administrative District (SEAD) – six buildings, in the South-Western Administrative District (SWAO) – four buildings, in the Eastern Administrative District (VAO) – three buildings, in the Central Administrative District (TsAO) – two buildings.

Average cost per sq. m in high-rise residential complexes is 397.8 thousand rubles, which is 5.4% less than the average prices in the capital’s housing market. 28 of the buildings under construction belong to the business class, 22 complexes to the mass class, nine to the premium class, and one to the elite segment.

“Among buyers of new buildings, there is a growing demand for a developed infrastructure on the territory of the complex. It is easier to foresee it in a high-rise format, which is the reason for the demand for skyscrapers. In fact, we are witnessing the implementation in practice of the popular concept of a vertical city – a metropolis with large-scale skyscrapers that fit the infrastructure of entire districts, ”said Ruslan Syrtsov, managing partner of Metrium.

Olesya Pavlenko

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