40-year-old Yulia Kovalchuk gave birth to a second daughter


Singer Yulia Kovalchuk announced the birth of her second child in a family with Alexei Chumakov

Former member of the “Brilliant” group, singer Yulia Kovalchuk announced the addition to the family. The actress confirmed earlier rumors about her pregnancy and admitted that she had recently given birth to her second child. She didn’t hide her gender.

“Now there are four of us,” Kovalchuk said on the social network. “With God’s help, our love continues in our daughters.”

In 2013, Kovalchuk married singer Alexei Chumakov, whom she had dated for several years. In 2017, the couple had their first daughter, she was named Amelia. The name of the youngest girl of the wife has not yet been disclosed.

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